Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Toilet & Bathroom Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage damage can happen in any building with indoor plumbing. It just so happened that the damage shown here happened within a commercial property. The busines... READ MORE

Commercial Hallway Dry Out

There is obviously some water damage to this hallway, but what you can’t see is that the water damage has come from a water heater leak. Damage like this ... READ MORE

Commercial Break Room Water Damage Dry Out

When damage happens to commercial buildings, it is important to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Water damage (like that shown here) can make it imp... READ MORE

Church with Major Water Damage

After the storms blew through Central Illinois at the beginning of the summer, there were plenty of commercial and residential properties that were damaged. The... READ MORE

Cafeteria Water Damage Cleanup

Judging by the first photo, you wouldn’t guess that the tile floor of this cafeteria was white with small areas of colored tiles. It all looks brown. That... READ MORE

Vandalism Removal

This business had its outside wall vandalized. While they did a good job removing the bulk of the vandalism, there was just a little bit of a stain left behind;... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage like this doesn’t look all that bad at a glance. The water on the floor looks like something you could easily dry without the assistance of a... READ MORE

Commercial Apartment Water Damage

It might seem like there are a lot of air movers for such a small area of this apartment. However, we’ve discussed before that there is a science to the w... READ MORE

Massive Commercial Water Damage

After water damaged this property, it seemed like there wasn’t a single room that wasn’t affected. Water dripped everywhere, ceiling tile collapsed ... READ MORE

Commercial Lobby Water Damage

When you experience water damage to your commercial property, it can be frustrating enough. What’s worse is that if it isn’t taken care of quickly, ... READ MORE

Commercial Basement Flood (3)

This final post from the commercial flood job is more of an example of one of the biggest problem areas in the basement storage areas. The first image does show... READ MORE

Commercial Basement Flood (2)

In the last before and after post from this job, you saw what our teams were faced with when it came to the contents of the area. In this image set, we wanted t... READ MORE

Commercial Basement Flood (1)

These images show a very drastic and positive contrast between the beginning of this job and the end. When this business and it’s neighbor both flooded wi... READ MORE

Commercial Water Dry Out

It’s difficult for businesses to do what they need to when there are sections of carpet that are soaked and there is the possibility of mold beginning to ... READ MORE

Lunch Area Water Damage

Nobody wants to smell water damage while they try to enjoy their lunch. So when we were called to take care of the water damage in the lunch area of this buildi... READ MORE

Water Damage Commercial Space

It’s frustrating when you go to start a day of work and the carpet squishes underneath the weight of your feet. So when the people working in this commerc... READ MORE

Men’s Room Water Damage

Water damage in any bathroom is frustrating, but water damage in a shared bathroom in a commercial building is a unique kind of irritant. When shared bathrooms ... READ MORE

Commercial Entry Dry-out

The last thing you want a client to see when they enter your business is damage from water. You don’t want them leaving because of a situation you couldn&... READ MORE

Commercial Bathroom Dry-out

This particular facility was hit hard by water damage. The building had water in multiple rooms, but this is where it ended up hitting the worst. As you can see... READ MORE

Office Damage

This is a good look at some damage that occurred in a conference room in an office building. Water caused the ceiling to warp in some places and (as you can see... READ MORE

Commercial Bathroom Cleanup

There’s really no good time or place for water backup; especially when that water turns out to be a biohazard. That is why when this business found water ... READ MORE

Another Commercial General Cleaning

Commercial buildings sometimes need a good deep cleaning. When as many people go in and out of a building as they do in a commercial building, it makes sense th... READ MORE

Office Ceiling Tile

We all know these tiles. These are the ceiling tiles most often found in an office setting. They get the job done, but the minute they get dirty or are damaged ... READ MORE

Wall Clean

When your business is booming and your whole staff is busy, sometimes there are areas of the building will get overlooked during cleaning. When this happens, yo... READ MORE

When last you saw it...

When you last saw images of this post office it was just boarded up (shown in this before photo). The difference between before and now is astounding. The build... READ MORE

Where Did the Mold Go?

Mold doesn’t always show up in the most obvious places. While it’s likely you’ll find mold in basements or in bathrooms, you can find it in pl... READ MORE

Roanoke Post Office

Imagine being at work on a snowy day, minding your own business, and then suddenly there’s a vehicle bursting through the wall. This scenario happened at ... READ MORE

Pekin Library Cleanup

There are few things as frustrating as damage from an uncontrollable force like a storm. At the end of 2018, that is exactly the kind of damage that affected th... READ MORE

Kouri's Pub - Commercial Cleaning

At the end of 2018, we were called for a commercial cleaning job at Kouri’s Pub. The building has an enclosed patio seating area with a fireplace, and the... READ MORE

Dryer Vent Cleaning In Pekin

Multiple dryer vent cleanings here is a before and after picture from a condo complex SERVPRO serviced. The Management Company took it upon themselves to give S... READ MORE

Rental Unit Living Room Restoration In Pekin

This commercial rental unit living room was left completely wrecked by an unhappy previous tenant. The owner and landlord of the property needed a company to re... READ MORE

Rental Unit Bedroom Restoration In Pekin

This commercial rental unit bedroom was left completely trashed by an unhappy previous tenant. The owner of the property needed a company to return this unit ba... READ MORE

Rental Unit Bathroom Restoration In Pekin

This commercial rental unit was left in complete ruins from an unhappy previous tenant. The landlord of the property needed a company to return this unit back t... READ MORE

Firefighter Gear

Firefighter Turnout Gear and pants cleaned at our facility. Smoke, Soot, Oil & Biohazard damage cleaned and disinfected. We specialize in cleaning smoke and... READ MORE

Firefighter Gear

Firefighter Turnout Gear cleaned at our facilty. Smoke, Soot, Oil and Biohazard damage cleaned and disinfected. We specialize in cleaning smoke and fire damaged... READ MORE