Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Removing Massive Storm Damage Before Reconstruction

There is certainly more than just a little damage pictured here. This house was hit with damage after bad weather came through. Not only was the customer left w... READ MORE

Carpet Removal in Basement After Water Damage

Your bedroom is a place where you hope to feel relaxed and secure. So when water damage happens in your bedroom, it can be frustrating and disorienting. This cu... READ MORE

More Damage Revealed After Storm Damage

Storm damage occurred to this house, and it damaged a couple of areas including this kitchen. There was damage to the roof that leaked in and damaged the ceilin... READ MORE

Excess Water Extracted and Carpet Removed

Storm damage wracked a good portion of Central Illinois at the beginning of the summer. This wasn’t the only house that had some severe damage from the ra... READ MORE

Storm Damage Dry Out Before Reconstruction

There was a good amount of storm damage to this house. The water damage in this bathroom was severe enough that the wall needed to be removed for the damage to ... READ MORE

Tree Damage After Major Storm

This customer had a tree fall onto their house during some of the crazy storms we saw here in Central Illinois in June (2021). This was not the only section of ... READ MORE

Storm Damage Ceiling Collapse

When storms hit, sometimes they can damage your roof. This creates the perfect opportunity for water to come into the building and to damage the ceiling and the... READ MORE

Roof Damage

When storms cause tree limbs and debris to land on a roof, there’s always a chance that they could damage the roof that they fall on. This is definitely o... READ MORE

Cabinet Removal After Roof Leak

Storm damage can present in many different ways. Water damage is definitely one of the common types of storm-related damage. In the case of this customer’... READ MORE

Mud Flood

This was a situation in which a storm caused mud water to rush into this customer’s basement. When the heavy rainwater hit, there was no way they could ha... READ MORE

Plush Carpet

Plush carpet is beautiful, but it certainly does a good job of absorbing water. Take the room shown here for example. The water from the flooding/storm was exce... READ MORE

Under the Stairs

This is a friendly reminder that when your house floods you should definitely be looking in every spot that the water could possibly have gotten into. This home... READ MORE

Sewage Backup Through Shower

Sewage is probably one of the most unsettling things to come through your drain. This bathroom was covered in sewage and other dirty water after a big storm pus... READ MORE

Trim/Wall Drying

When the storms caused this hallway to be flooded with water, the first thing that was noticed was that the carpet was saturated. The next thing that was notice... READ MORE

Storm Flooding

This is just one small area in this large commercial building that was effected when the storms hit in mid-July. The basement was flooded to the point where the... READ MORE

Carpet Removal During Drying

You’ll see it all the time during a dry-out. The carpet gets soaked, and it’s always a matter of whether it will need to be removed or not for the f... READ MORE

Roof Tarping Post Storm Damage

Small areas of damage on your roof might not seem like much, but any amount of damage to your roof can lead to some real issues inside the house. That is why ta... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Garage

The images shown here are an example of a very common form of damage during the summer months. When storm waters flood a garage, it’s not unheard of for t... READ MORE

Family Room Storm Damage

The family room pictured here was damaged by water. There was water pushed into this part of the home and a couple of other areas from outside. You can see in t... READ MORE

Drain Damage

When water is pushed back into a building, the floor is not always the only thing that is affected. The drain that led to this room had so much water pushed bac... READ MORE

Water Backup In Shower Drain

We've recently talked about this, but it's important to recognize that water backups happen and that they can make quite the mess. The water backup that happene... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

The thing about storm damage is that it can lead to damage outside and inside of your home. Storms can lead to flooding and the excess water can lead to backups... READ MORE

Roof Damage

One of the things that nobody can 100% prepare for is a major storm. When one hits, you’ll never really know if it is going to be strong enough to damage ... READ MORE

Board Up - Storm Damage to Roof

During a storm, your roof has the job of protecting you, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, there is nothing between your roof and the storm. That ... READ MORE

Severe Bathroom Flood-Water Removal

It really is as bad as it looks. When a storm hit and the pipes couldn’t take it, this bathroom became a small pond. The before and after here show not th... READ MORE

Pre-Mitigation and Equipment Set-up - Basement Water Damage

It is important to understand what the restoration process really looks like and what our teams actually set up. As you can see in these photos, the water damag... READ MORE

Garage Repairs

A garage is a hot spot for water damage, storm damage, fire damage, and pretty much any damage there is. They’re exposed to the elements, to cars, and to ... READ MORE

Leaky Skylight

Skylights are a beautiful addition to a home. They give the home an interesting and modern look and they let in a substantially higher amount of light. However,... READ MORE

Siding Fix

Storms can cause large and small damages to houses. You never know whether you’ll get a little bit of hail damage or if you’ll end up with a tree in... READ MORE

Lightning Storm Kitchen Fire Damage Repair Pekin 2

Lightning causes fires in homes every day all across America and the world. This home was no exception to the rule! We came upon this fire-damaged home in Pekin... READ MORE

Lightning Storm Kitchen Fire Damage Repair Pekin

Lightning causes fires in homes every day all across the world. This home was no exception to the rule! We came upon this fire-damaged home in Pekin that was in... READ MORE

Storm Damage Repair In North Central Tazewell County

This office building had storm and water damage. Water was present all over the structure from floor to ceiling, including in all the bathrooms. The executives ... READ MORE

Local Fire Restoration

This homeowner is another satisfied SERVPRO customer! This burnt wall of the outside of the home in Peoria Illinois was the result of a lightning storm fire. No... READ MORE

Local Fire Restoration

Great results from a great team of professionals at SERVPRO!This burnt wall of the exterior of the home in Peoria Illinois was the result of a lightning-storm f... READ MORE

Local Fire Restoration

Another satisfied customer lives here. This burnt wall of the exterior of the home in Peoria Illinois was the result of a lightning storm. Notice the extent of ... READ MORE