Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Another Sewage Damaged Basement

When it comes to sewage, there are more steps that need to be taken than in a standard water job. Water damage is sometimes just a matter of extracting any exce... READ MORE

Sewage Cleanup and Recon. in Small Bathroom

It’s never fun when your shower drain pushes the water out instead of pulling water down. We were called to this job where you can clearly see that there ... READ MORE

Bar Area Water Extraction

Water damage affected the bar area of this basement. There was a lot of water and the water wasn’t necessarily, “crystal clear.” When we were ... READ MORE

Removing Wood Floor for Complete Dry

Wood floors are beautiful but easy to damage. When you have water damage on a wood floor, it’s likely that you’ll see the wood start to warp or buck... READ MORE

Removal of Vanity for Drying

When you have water damage, it is important to really look at the source of the damage and consider whether the most effective way to dry the area will be to le... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Basement

Not that anything about a sewage backup is good, but when it is pretty well contained to a small area in the affected home, it’s definitely better than it... READ MORE

Bathroom Sewage

We are still seeing a lot of sewage damage here lately. The sewage damage seen here is certainly a bad case. The floor in this bathroom is completely covered, a... READ MORE

Dry Out After Sewage Damage

When sewage damage occurs, it can mean a huge mess and possible health and safety risks for those in the building. So when our teams were called in to do the cl... READ MORE

Mitigation Before Reconstruction

When it comes to sewage and water damage, you don’t always know just how deep it goes until you start the cleanup process. This small bathroom is a good e... READ MORE

Water Mitigation

This house had a good deal of water damage which affected areas with both carpet and tile flooring. You’ll notice that there is some equipment in this hal... READ MORE

Sewage Damage on the Floor

It’s bad enough when sewage affects one room with its foul messiness. However, when it travels from one room into several others and comes up from multipl... READ MORE

Sewage Backup - Apartments

This is only one of the rooms affected by the sewage backup that happened in this apartment. As you can see in the image on the left, the damage left after the ... READ MORE

Sewage Damage

Sewage damage can be a difficult thing to deal with. This is especially so when the situation is as extreme as the one pictured here. Before our team could even... READ MORE

Flooded bathroom

Damage in this small bathroom could be a big deal if not taken care of properly. The fact of the matter is if the water in this bathroom wasn’t dried righ... READ MORE

Sewage in a Little Bathroom

There are very few scents that compare to the smell of sewage. When sewage backs up into a building, it can be unbearable, especially when the scent fills a sma... READ MORE

A Mess in the Landing

The water that pooled at the landing of these stairs was incredibly muddy and messy. When water like this manages to affect your property, it can be incredibly ... READ MORE

Sewage Damage

Sewage can be a lot of things, but one way it is more often than not described is stinky. That is one of the reasons people are usually so quick to call when th... READ MORE

Bathroom Dry-out Before Recon

The water damage that took place in this bathroom was pretty bad, to say the least. This bathroom originally had carpeting and was completely finished. The carp... READ MORE

Bathroom During and After

Sometimes the difference between the beginning of a job and the end of a job isn’t completely visible to the eye. That doesn’t mean that the damage ... READ MORE

Hallway Water Damage

We know that the drying process looks a little intimidating. In the hallway alone for this job you can see three air movers and a dehumidifier. There were other... READ MORE

Broken Pipe

If having a leaking pipe is a frustrating experience, then you can only imagine how much worse it is to have a pipe just completely burst. This client had a pip... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak

When your water heater leaks, it can mean big trouble. It can be messy and damaging to your home and to the contents within it. If the water isn’t dried q... READ MORE

Terrible House Flood

Nothing is more frustrating than having a nicely finished home and having a busted pipe and gallons of water suddenly ruin it. That is exactly what happened her... READ MORE

Wood Floor Damage

Wood floors are some of the most frustrating to deal with when it comes to water damage. They buckle, they warp, ad they can become pretty dangerous if the dama... READ MORE

Another Basement Dry-out

The dry-out is one of the most important steps in the water cleanup and restoration process. Water that is not properly and completely dried out of walls and fl... READ MORE

Closet Cleaning and Wall Repairs

Sometimes the areas that can be damaged the most are the ones that are out of sight and out of mind. So when the client for the job shown above found this damag... READ MORE

It Looks Finished Now

Sometimes the restoration of a job requires a little extra elbow grease. The circumstances behind the damage here ended up causing the flooring to need to be re... READ MORE

Laundry Room Clean & Restore

A laundry room is a place where problems can definitely spark out of nowhere or build up if regular maintenance is not being done, but these photos show a combi... READ MORE

Cleaning and Carpentry

The room shown here was in a house that needed some carpentry and cleaning done in it. The carpets needed washing and there was some damage in the room that nee... READ MORE

Kitchen Deep Clean

Once again we have a cleaning situation. This kitchen was just one part of a larger job, and the job as a whole wasn’t anything crazy. The kitchen area ne... READ MORE

General Cleaning

When living spaces are not taken care of, you can end up with some nasty looking stains. Anything can cause them, and the longer they sit the more difficult the... READ MORE

Freezer Nightmare

There are few things as recognizable as the smell that comes from a freezer that has been off for a while (especially when the food in it has folded). The photo... READ MORE

Contents Cleaning - Metal Pan (cont.)

This is the second set of photos from a fire/water job that our contents team successfully tackled. As stated in the original photos, the team worked hard to re... READ MORE

Contents Cleaning - Metal Pan

When you experience water damage, you always need to consider the contents of the affected area and how they’ll react to the water. Clothing can get musty... READ MORE

House Fire In Pekin

After a devastating house fire, this house was left in disarray. There was fire, smoke, and soot damage to nearly every room and there was even damage made to t... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Damage in Pekin

Pipes can break anywhere in a house. It’s particularly frustrating when pipes burst in the kitchen, putting your appliances and your food at risk. This ex... READ MORE

Toilet leak in Pekin

Shown here is a before and after look at a water loss job. The cause of the damage was a toilet leak on the second floor of this house. As you can see, the leak... READ MORE

Sump-Pump Failure in Pekin

These before and after photos show the work that our team did for a client whose Sump Pump went out. This is just one corner of the 1200 sq basement in which th... READ MORE

Roof Repair After Fire Damage Pekin

This is a before and after shot of a job that was done during this last summer. The home had a fire that left them with damages from smoke and water. While the ... READ MORE

Living Room Dry-out in Pekin

This flooded home had major water damage throughout the entire home. It was particularly bad in the Living room where water from pipes in the ceiling had been d... READ MORE

Closet Cleanup and Restoration in Pekin

This is a before and after picture set of a closet during an eviction clean up that SERVPRO had performed for a landlord. The before picture of the closet shows... READ MORE