Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Smoke on the kitchen ceiling

Smoke Damage on Kitchen Ceiling

Have you ever experienced even a small kitchen fire? If you have then you know that smoke damage usually covers the entire area after the fire is extinguished. If you experience something like this, don’t hesitate to call your local SERVPRO. We are Here to Help®!

Extreme fire damage in a small home.

Fire Damage in Small Home

Fire damage is devastating no matter the size of the property, but it definitely seems bigger when the affected property is smaller. That said, we know how important it was to get this property back to normal after it was damaged by fire. We just want to help make damage like this feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Burn and smoke damage to microwave and surrounding area after fire.

Kitchen Fire Damage from Microwave

This microwave was the source of fire and smoke damage in this residential kitchen. This kind of thing happens more than you might think, and when it does it is important to remember that your local SERVPRO® is here to take care of the cleanup and restoration.

Cupboard scorched and smoke damaged after stove fire.

Stove Fire Scorch & Smoke Damage

Stove fires are common. The damage can be severe or it can be minor, but either way, you’ll definitely want to get the affected area cleaned and restored. Our team of SERVPRO® Heroes is Here to Help®!

Large indoor area covered in smoke and soot damage.

Fire Damage Sparked by Dehumidifier

It’s frustrating to think that an appliance could cause a house fire. It’s even more frustrating when that appliance is an important or useful one, like a dehumidifier. That’s what happened here, and we’re happy that we were called for the cleanup and restoration of the fire damage.

Insulation and other debris covering a bathroom after major fire damage.

Fire Damage with Major Debris Cleanup

Fire damage doesn’t always just result in walls needing to be repaired and smoke and soot needing to be cleaned up. There are times when there is debris from ceilings, collapsed walls, or other sources that need to be cleaned up before the real deep cleaning can begin. This image shows one of those situations, and our team of SERVPRO® Heroes was more than happy to help!

Damage to the side of a building tarped up after fire and water damage.

Fire/Water Damage

When fire damage occurs, it’s common that water damage will follow. This is especially so if the fire needs to be put out by a team of firefighters or if there is a sprinkler system inside the affected property. Luckily, if your property is damaged by fire and water, you can count on your local SERVPRO® for the cleanup and restoration.

Fire damage to the area above the kitchen stove.

Fire Damage from Stove in Residential Kitchen

Kitchen fires can range from mild flame to massive destruction. This just so happens to be a situation in which the damage was pretty severe. While something like this might seem like a total loss to some, to our team it is just another job that they trained to be able to handle. So if you ever experience fire damage, don’t hesitate to call your local SERVPRO® for the cleanup and restoration. We are Here to Help®!

Room and contents completely demolished by fire.

Fire from Battery Pack

The last thing you want to happen is for a fire to start in your home, especially if that fire is the result of an accident caused by a contracted worker. Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with something like this, but if you do just be sure to call your local SERVPRO® for the cleanup and restoration. We’re Here to Help®!

Entire room covered in dark soot and smoke damage.

Fire Damage in Basement

When you have a fire in your house, it can create more of a mess than expected. We see fires all of the time, and even if a fire is small, the smoke and soot can cover an entire room and all of the contents in that room. That is why we were glad that this client reached out to us for the cleanup of this property. Cleaning up the fire, smoke, and soot damage like this is what we are here for!

Entire kitchen black from fire and smoke damage. Broken window is boarded up.

Kitchen with Major Damage After Fire

Fire damage is a horrible thing to experience. Don’t worry though. If you find yourself dealing with a situation like the one shown here, just know you can count on your local SERVPRO® to help with the cleaning and restoration of your property!

Entire room is black and burned from fire damage.

Laundry Room Fire

Fires starting in a laundry room are not something thought about very often, but they definitely happen. When they do, they can be minor or major, and it’s important to remember that our teams are Here to Help®!

Fire damage causing soot damage and bubbling on wall.

Fire in Basement

When fires happen, the flames are not the only thing that can damage your property. As you can see, there is smoke and soot damage to this area where the smoke rose from the basement. There is also heat damage to the walls in this area as well.

We are just happy the customer trusted us with the cleanup of the area!

Walls and shelving burned after a stove fire.

Stove Fire Aftermath

At one point or another, we all experience the fear of setting off the smoke alarm while we’re cooking. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the issue under control in time so you don’t have to experience the level of damage that this customer experienced.

Smoke damage to the bricks above the fireplace in a living room.

Fireplace Smoke Damage

When you have a fireplace, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that you will end up with some smoke and soot damage at some point. Clearly, this customer had some flames get a little out of control and it resulted in soot damage to the surrounding area of the fireplace. The good news is that this is something that can be cleaned when you have the right team and the right skills on your side!

Debris from ceiling cave in after fire.

Ceiling Collapse After Fire Damage

This is a big reason why it’s important to call a professional cleaning and restoration company after fire damage. The fire damaged the ceiling weakening it to the point that it ended up collapsing. This meant that not only did the fire damage need to be restored, but the materials and debris that fell from the ceiling needed to be disposed of as well. Once this is all taken care of it will be safe for this homeowner to get back to living in their home, “Like it never even happened.”

Small area burned after fire from equipment malfunction.

Fire from Equipment Malfunction

Nobody wants to think about the appliances and equipment in their home malfunctioning, but it is certainly possible. When it does, it needs to have the proper maintenance done as soon as possible. If it isn’t done, you could find yourself in the same situation as shown here!

Fire and smoke damage in and around a kitchen stove

Stove Fire

This stove fire looks rough, but it doesn’t look like much damage was caused to the area around it. This is generally a good thing! When something like this happens, you can find yourself dealing with soot/smoke damage. You could also find yourself dealing with odor issues from the smell of the smoke and other burnt materials.

Whatever the case, just remember that we are Here to Help®!

A room is badly damaged from fire and smoke

Scorching From Fire Damage

Fire damage will not only affect the contents of the house but anything it can possibly come into contact with. This means that walls, windows, trim, ceilings, and other areas are not off-limits as far as flames are concerned.

No matter what is damaged in your home during a fire, just remember that you can contact SERVPRO® for the cleanup and restoration of your property.

Electrical wiring hanging from ceiling after major fire damage.

Electrical Fire

According to FireTrace International, and electrical fires are generally caused by, “A failure or malfunction within the electrical components of equipment or machinery.” The good news is, when you suffer from fire damage, you have the option of calling your local SERVPRO to help with the cleanup and restoration of your property.

Debris all over a small bathroom after major fire damage in residential property.

Major Fire Damage

This is just a small example of a much larger fire damage that occurred in this home. As you can see along with the smoke and burn damage that came with the fire, it was also bad enough to have ceilings start to fall, leaving debris such as drywall and insulation all over the affected areas. We were certainly glad that this client called to talk to us about what we could do to help with the cleanup and restoration for their home.

Smoke and soot covers every inch of a small bathroom.

Major Smoke & Soot Damage

We have seen quite a bit of fire damage in the last few months. This isn’t totally unexpected considering that fire numbers rise during colder months. The room pictured here is only one of many in this home that was completely covered in smoke and soot damage. We were glad that the customer made the decision to contact us for the cleanup and restoration of their home. We’re happy to be Here to Help®.

Ceiling is caved in from the force of both fire and water damage

Aftermath of Fire & Water

Fire damage is destructive on its own; burning the house and the items within it. The water that extinguishes fires can be just as damaging, even though it’s necessary to put out any fire. If you find yourself dealing with excessive damage like this, just know that our teams are Here to Help with both the cleanup and the restoration of your property.

Kitchen completely emptied and ready for the reconstruction process.

Kitchen Fire Reconstruction

This kitchen was damaged by fire, and now that the mess is cleaned up it is in desperate need of reconstruction. Our teams are more than capable of taking on the reconstruction of properties damaged by fire, water, storm, and other causes. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to ask! We’re Here to Help®!

Home boarded up after fire damage.

Board-up After Fire Damage

The most important function of a board-up is to block the elements from causing any further damage to the already exposed areas. By blocking the elements, secondary damage from storms or other sources is less likely to happen.

Drip marks from where the water used to put out the fire came into contact with smoke/soot.

Fire & Water Combined Damage

When fires are extinguished, water damage is all but guaranteed to go with the fire damage. The good news is, our teams are trained to handle fire and water damage both separately and together. You can count on us!

Ceiling damaged by soot and smoke.

Ceiling Damage

Ceiling damage is not uncommon when it comes to fire damage. There can be damage from smoke, soot, and damage from flames or even the rising heat. If you find yourself with fire damage, you can always call your local SERVPRO® for the cleanup and restoration.

Smoke and soot damage completely covering a bathroom - from top to bottom.

Smoke Damage in Bathroom

Smoke damage travels and there’s really no way to stop it. A fire in the kitchen can send smoke damage into other rooms (like this bathroom) through doorways and vents. Our team is trained in the best way to clean and restore areas with smoke damage like you see here. That is why you should call your local SERVPRO after fire/smoke damage. We’ll do the best we can to make your damage feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Smoke damage on the siding of a house that has crept out from a fire inside.

Smoke Damage Outside

It’s not uncommon for smoke damage to be present indoors after a fire. It’s important to remember that smoke travels and will take any route it can. That is why there’s smoke damage to the outside of this home. As it escaped from the house, it left soot on the outside walls.

If you ever experience fire damage, just remember to check every possible area for damage. You never know what kind of area could be affected.

Garage door replaced with wood paneling for the restoration process after a fire.

Building Services for Garage Fire

When this garage was affected by fire damage, it was important to make sure that there was no secondary damage coming into the structure. The door was damaged enough that it needed to be boarded up, and we were happy to be able to help!

Tarp covering the exposed area of a house after a house fire

House Fire - Building Services

It may seem a little odd to have a tarp draped over damage like this. The fire damage to this area was so great, that the area needed to be covered to avoid any secondary damage from weather conditions. Preventing any further damage makes it easier to deal with the original damage without any extra complications.

The microwave placed above the stove in this kitchen was melted after there was a cooking fire on top of the stove.

Fire Under the Microwave

When you have a stovetop fire in your kitchen, your dinner may not be the only thing that gets ruined. In this image, you can see that anything above the fire can also be affected. This customer’s microwave actually melted from the heat of the flames. Not to mention the other areas around it are covered in smoke and soot damage. This is one situation where it would be a good idea to reach out to your local SERVPRO®!

Two images of a burned and demolished basement bedroom

Fire in Basement Bedroom

Here is an example of fire damage and the restoration process. The smaller image shows how the room looked prior to the debris from the fire being cleaned up. The larger image shows the room before the deep cleaning process and before the reconstruction of the walls. It looks pretty intense, but this is exactly the kind of job that your local SERVPRO® is more than equipped to deal with!

Hole in the ceiling after fire damage and subsequent water damage.

Damage from Fire

The thing about fire damage is that you never know how bad it will be until it has already been done. The customers for this job ended up having fire/water damage bad enough that it resulted in this section of the ceiling needing to be restored. That is why they made the call to our SERVPRO franchise. They knew they could count on us to clean and restore the damage from the fire that happened on their property.

Smoke has damaged the microwave and to the ceiling from a fire that started on the stove below.

Smoke & Soot

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen smoke and soot damage to a kitchen, and it certainly won’t be the last. The fire on the stove caused secondary damage to the microwave, cabinets, and the ceiling above it, and the customers made the smart decision to call in SERVPRO to clean and restore the area. We were happy they called and ready to come in and help them out!

Fire caused thick smoke and soot damage in a residential kitchen over the stove on the microwave and ceiling

Smoke Damage In Kitchen

Fire damage is scary, and it can leave behind quite the mess. The good news is if you ever find yourself dealing with the result of a kitchen fire like the one shown here, you can count on your local SERVPRO® for the cleanup and restoration of your property. We are Here to Help®!

Window boarded up in a scorched room in a residential building.

The Importance of Board-Ups

When windows and walls are damaged by fire, it is important to protect the building that caught fire from any further damage. That is why board-ups are important; it keeps the elements from harming the damaged property any further. When you successfully prevent secondary damage, you have a better chance of making the damage to the home, “Like it never even happened.”

Badly damaged ceiling covered in fire/smoke/soot damage. White ceiling is now nearly black.

Grease Fire

Grease fires are scary, dangerous, and can happen anywhere that there is grease involved in the cooking process. We have the training and the skills to be able to clean and restore all kinds of fire damage, including grease fires.

So keep us in mind if you ever have a grease fire on your property!

Damage to the ceiling in an attic from fire and smoke.

Fire in the Attic

Attics are an area of a home that sometimes get overlooked when it comes to maintenance. That is why it is scary when something like this happens within that space. With all of the building materials (wood, drywall, insulation) that can be found in an attic there is more than enough kindling to get a fire started and keep it fed. So keep an eye on that space and limit the exposure to fire starters.

If you do face damage, just remember that we have the teams, equipment, and skills to clean and restore your property!

Smoke damage from dryer fire on ceiling.

Dryer Fire

We’ve seen jobs like this before. It can be really scary when an appliance meant to make your life easier causes so much damage. It happens though, and fire damage really isn’t a joke. We just hope that you know you can count on us for the cleaning and restoration of your fire damage.

Water, smoke, and heat damage to the walls and the trim of an originally white room.

Wet and Dry Damage

It’s strange to think that having fire damage on your property can go hand in hand with water damage, but it definitely does! When firefighters put out a fire, the water extinguishing the fire soaks into the porous items and areas within the property. However, this is the kind of damage that is bittersweet - because, without the water damage, fire damage would definitely get much worse!

Image of soot covered kitchen cupboards.

Secondary Damage

Secondary damage is probably one of the most tedious parts of experiencing fire damage because anywhere that the smoke can travel to, it most likely will. It’s messy. It’s stinky. Quite frankly, it can pose health issues, too. So when you have a fire, remember that we can help clean and restore both the primary and secondary damage to your property. We’ll do whatever we can to make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Fire and water damage to some door trim.

Fire & Water Damage Combo

When there is a fire in a home or business, it’s usually the first form of damage you think of. However, when the fire is being extinguished, there is a certain amount of water damage that occurs as well. The image here shows how the combination of fire and water damage might appear. The fire caused the smoke and soot damage on the trim, and as the fire was being put out, the water caused the paint to warp and flake off as well.

This is the kind of damage combo that our team is trained to deal with, and we are happily Here to Help®.

Electrical wiring in a wall charred from an electrical fire.

Electrical Fire

Electrical fires are not a joke. They are dangerous and unpredictable. There are few things out there that can lead to both electrocution and varying degrees of burns. So take caution when you plug appliances into outlets, whether you leave them plugged in for a while or not. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a similar situation to this one.

Fire damaged room; everything is completely black and charred.

Extreme Fire Damage

We deal with both small and large fire damage here at SERVPRO®. This is just an example of the larger damages that we get called out to every once in a while. Situations like this can be devastating, and while it may seem impossible when you look at it, you can count on our teams to come in and do everything we can to make this massive loss, “Like it never even happened.”

Outside view of a boarded up house


This is a common display of what we are likely to do during the restoration of large fire damage. Fire damage can usually lead to broken or damaged windows, and you can’t risk the elements getting in when you are trying to restore an already damaged space.

Smoke damage coming up from a vent to the second floor bathroom

Secondary Fire Damage

We’ve talked about secondary fire damage before, but this image is a good example of how far it can spread throughout a building. This bathroom vent had been spitting out smoke and soot from a fire that happened on the floor below. This happened with other vents in the house. We hope that images like these will make it clear that secondary damage can be just as consuming as primary fire damage.

Image of a kitchen with white cupboards and light colored counters. All of it is completely covered in smoke and soot damage.

It's not supposed to be that color...

One of the most conspicuous forms of damage is fire/smoke damage, and the image here is substantial proof. The clean, white interior of this kitchen is a completely different color thanks to the secondary damage of the fire that took place. If you find yourself dealing with a think layer of black soot, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our teams are more than happy to come in and clean the soot from your home and to bring in the contents of your home and restore what we can here in our facility.

Outside view of a board-up of the window of a house after fire damage.


The board-up you see here is one that helps to keep the inside of the home from any further damage. It is not uncommon to see a board-up like this after a fire or after storm damage. The board-up helps keep the elements out of the house while our teams finish the restoration process on the inside. This is an important step in making it possible for our teams to make the damage, “Like it never even happened.”

The source of the fire, a car burnt to a crisp which lead to extenuating damage.

Car Fire Becomes Garage Fire

It’s not uncommon for garage fires to start, and in this client’s case, it was a car that did the starting. The image shown here is an example of how bad the car burned and a reminder that you should always check that nothing flammable is left in your car. If you do, you might just end up needing to make a call to SERVPRO®.

The frame of a garage door has been burned and melted from a fire that started in the garage.

The image shown here is an example of just how bad garage fired can get and all of the damage they c

The image shown here is an example of just how bad garage fired can get and all of the damage they can cause. The garage door here is discolored from the fire and soot. You can also see that the trim around the garage is burnt as well. While we were happy to help with the cleaning and restoration of the property, this is sadly not the first or last time we will be called out for a job like this.

Garages can be dangerous places without fires, so please take caution and stay safe!

Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot will go just about anywhere. When there was a grease fire in the kitchen of this client’s house, the soot-covered every inch of the house - including the bathtub! So they called us, and we sent a team out to get things cleaned up. Good thing they did too because it’s hard to get clean in the shower when the tub is a mess.

Fire Damage

There’s no denying that fire damage is an ugly sight. Nobody wants a chared stove or a scorched cupboard. So when you are cooking or using candles it is important to follow safety precautions. They may seem like a mundane waste of time while you do them, but it’s better to do it now and be safe later than to end up with fire damage to your home (or business).

A Smell Worse Than Burnt Popcorn

Everyone knows the smell of burnt plastic. That was the smell that coupled with the fire damage shown here. The funny part is that the fire didn’t come from the inside of the microwave, it came from a pan below the microwave. Our team came in to clean up the smoke damage and get the burnt plastic smell out of the kitchen.

Fire Damage Before & After

There was a home that we were called out to that had some fire damage. There were smoke and soot that affected a good amount of the contents of the house and the majority of the surfaces inside the house. Our teams love a challenge, and cleaning smoke and soot off of ceilings is definitely one. In the image above, you can see just how much effort is put into cleaning. The section that has already been tackled is white again, contrasting greatly from the section that is still gray and dirty.

SERVPRO® is always happy to help with a fire damaged building. It’s what we do!

Burn House Training

Training is an important part of any job. However, it becomes the most important thing when the job you do can be the difference between life and death. That is why we jumped at the opportunity to help with the training done by the Central Illinois Fire Investigation Association (CIFIA). We constructed five small burn houses to help train the Central Illinois Fire Professionals, and those of us who could attend the training day got to go and watch.

We are so happy that we got the opportunity and that the CIFIA chose us to help them out! We’re happy that they know that we’re always Here to Help®.

Dryer Fire

A dryer’s job is to dry your clothes - not fry your clothes. The nightmare-inducing image shown here is that of a dryer which did just that, causing damage not only to the machine but to the area around the machine as well. When all of this happened, the client called us because they needed help getting fire mess cleaned up and the other affected areas (like the wall) fixed up as well. Our SERVPRO® Heroes gladly came in and got the job done.

Mattress Cleaning After Fire Damage

Mattresses are difficult to live without and pretty costly to replace. When you experience damages from water or fire, you shouldn’t always have to worry about replacing your mattress. SERVPRO® can help by cleaning damage from water issues or from smoke and soot. The mattress pictured here suffered from soot damage and you can see a clear difference in what it looked like before and after our cleaning crew took care of it. You can sleep soundly knowing that we are Here to Help®.

Fire Damage Cleanup

We can never say enough that fire damage is not restricted to directly affected areas. While you’re checking the space around whatever started the fire, it’s important to remember to check the rest of the house for smoke/soot damage. This image is a good example of the type of soot damage that can be left by a fire. Fire damage can leave a mess as bad as the thick layer pictured here or as light as a smoke smell throughout the rest of the building. Whatever the case, it’s best to stay as vigilant as possible after a fire.

Pekin Kitchen Fire 2

In this photo, you can see the contents of a kitchen in Pekin that SERVPRO came upon during a fire damage call. SERVPRO was able to clean & restore some of the items found that were not completely destroyed by the fire. And the customer loved the end result!

Pekin Kitchen Fire

In this photo, you can see the contents of a kitchen in Pekin that SERVPRO came upon during a fire damage call. SERVPRO was able to clean & restore some of the items found that were not completely destroyed by the fire.

Kitchen Fire In Pekin

In this photo, you can see the contents of a kitchen that SERVPRO came upon during a fire damage call. SERVPRO was able to clean & restore some of the items found that were not completely destroyed by the fire.

Fire Damaged Home 3 North Central Tazewell County

Continued ...

In this picture, you see even more of the contents of a house that SERVPRO came upon during fire damage call. SERVPRO was able to clean and restore some of the items found that were not completely destroyed by the fire.

Fire Damaged Home 2 North Central Tazewell County

Continued ...

In this picture, you see more of the contents of a house that SERVPRO came upon during fire damage call. SERVPRO was able to clean and restore some of the items found that were not completely destroyed by the fire.

Fire Damaged Home North Central Tazewell County

In this picture, you see the contents of a house that SERVPRO came upon during fire damage call. SERVPRO was able to clean and restore some of the items found that were not completely destroyed by the fire.

Fire Damage in North Central Tazewell County

This was the result of a deep-fried dinner gone wrong!

SERVPRO of North Central Tazewell County was called out to restore and repair this residential fire damage.

You can see our tech here scraping the soot-filled popcorn ceiling.