Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Roof with a tarp covering a hole from tree damage.

Tree and Water Damage

Situations like these are why we specialize in storm damage cleanup and restoration as well as water, fire, and other damage. We know that damage from storm debris can cause damage externally which leads to damage internally (the secondary damage that we keep talking about).

Storms are common this time of year, and if you find that your home or business had experienced damage from them, please call and see what we can do for you!

Storm and tree damage to roof

Tree Damage to Roof

Metal buildings are strong structures, and they are generally pretty resilient to the elements. However, there are just some things that metal can’t withstand - among those things are trees. So if you find that your property is damaged from falling trees, please don’t hesitate to call us. We are Here to Help®.

The cleaning stages of a job after sup-pump failure.

Sump-Pump Failure

Sump-pumps can be the source of a lot of damage, and that damage can come out of nowhere sometimes. One bad storm and one malfunctioning moment can mean crazy amounts of water damage.

If you find yourself in this situation, just know that you can call us for the cleaning and restoration of your property.

Mold on home support beams from excess moisture.

Mold Damage

The support beams shown here show signs of really advanced mold damage. If you find damage like this in your home after water damage, storm damage, or high humidity, it is imperative to reach out to a professional. Do whatever you can to make sure the damage is not affecting the structural safety of your home and the safety of the people within your home.

Ceiling hole from water damage

Holey Ceiling

When water damage on a roof or in an attic goes unnoticed, this is what it can lead to. The ceiling in this room is warped to the point of caving in, which can be dangerous to anyone in that room. That is why the client’s called their local SERVPRO® for the cleanup and the restoration of their problem!

Storms damaged a garage with falling tree branches. The gutter and multiple shingles were knocked down.

Garage Damage from Fallen Tree

Fallen limbs can be a real hazard, and not just as they are falling. In the image here you can see the damage left by a large branch that fell during a storm. It fell from the tree and hit the gutter on the garage, pulling a good-sized section right off of the structure. It even damaged some of the shingles on the roof. Of course, the rain continued to fall and water began to damage the garage as well. Luckily the owners called SERVPRO® and the loss was taken care of.

Dark colored mold growth in the lower corner of two walls and on the concrete floor of an empty room

Left Untouched - Drywall Mold

We see a lot of mold in our line of work. The sad thing is that a majority of mold comes from either not knowing that moisture is there or from houses buildings being left empty. The image here is a result of the latter rather than the former. This building left empty ended up having mold growth in the drywall that required professional attention.

Of course, it’s nobody’s fault, these things just happen sometimes. Just make sure you call in professionals who will know how to alleviate the problem.

There is a light layer of mold growing on the white siding of a house.

Siding Mold

It’s hard to imagine that the outside of your house needs to be cleaned almost as regularly as the inside. It does though, and if you don’t take care of it you could end up with an issue like the one pictured here. The last thing you want is to end up having to replace the siding on your home because mold growths got out of control.

Sewage Backup

You can sum up a sewage backup by simply saying that it’s intrusive and it smells.

Sewage is one of the last things you want in your house, but sometimes that is out of your control. So if you do experience a sewage backup, reach out to SERVPRO® for the cleaning and restoration of your… stinky situation


This image may look silly among all the other images we post, but it fits right in. This split tree limb is an example of the type of tree damage that can cause all kinds of damage and loss to a home/business. This particular broken limb left an opening in a home during a storm that let in water. So not only was the building damaged from the limb, there was structural and content water damage, too. Watch the trees around your home or business. If it looks like there’s a branch that could fall onto or into the building, get the branch or the tree removed.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Shed Damage

Don’t think that we only get calls about homes or businesses. There have been plenty of times that we have seen jobs for external structures as well. When structures like sheds fall we take the call. If it makes sense for us to restore the property, we will do our best to make it happen!

There’s a Branch in the Roof!

It doesn’t look like much, but a hole this size can let in more than enough water and other messy materials to cause some real damage. If you have an attic, there is sure to be some damage up there. If you don’t have an attic, be ready to have some residual damage in whatever room is below this spot.

If you see that a tree or other debris has fallen on your house please don’t wait to check if there is any damage. The speed at which you fix things can make all the difference!

Burst Pipes - The Ugly Truth

Now that the weather is warming up, it seems like the extreme freezing temperatures are just a distant memory. However, it is important to remember just how rough Central Illinois winters can be on a building, especially when it comes to the pipes. The attached image shows exactly what can happen to water pipes when a home or business owner is not prepared, and it isn’t a pretty picture. The pipe here literally split, leaving a huge opening for water to flow out. Not only does something like this call for repairs to the source, but to every affected area around it.

Luckily, if you fail to plan for the cold or if your plan fails, you can always get a hold of SERVPRO® to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage Repair Pekin

Storm damage in Pekin happens quite often. There are constant flooding and water damages. Here is a picture of a flood cut and our air movers working overtime to dry a house out.

Commercial Work North Central Tazewell County

We are capable of handling jobs of all shapes and sizes. This means small residential or large commercial work from a storm damage. Here is a job we picked up on the commercial side of the industry.

Storm Damaged Trees North Central Tazewell County

This was the aftermath of a nasty storm. The storm damage was massive. SERVPRO is here to help and along with the Emergency Management Teams, we have been leading the cleanup process!

Storm Damage Repair North Central Tazewell County

This was debris that was left over from a recent storm damage SERVPRO helped with. SERVPRO helped restore the owners hope in a time when everything seemed so crazy and hectic.

Storm Damage North Central Tazewell County

In this picture, we have debris from a storm damage. Flooding and heavy rain causes major damage to homes and businesses. We can remove the water and repair the damage in most cases.

Hotel Storm Damage North Central Tazewell County

This hotel was water damaged by wind-driven driven rain. 

The owner was so thankful when we showed up with our professional equipment to fix this hotel water damage in North Central Tazewell County as well as extremely satisfied with the results.