Water Damage Photo Gallery

Pipe Burst in the Ceiling

Pipe Burst

One small problem with a pipe can lead to a much bigger problem. When this pipe burst, it soaked the drywall, and drywall is very good at holding onto moisture. The only way to really dry this area completely was to pull the affected sections of drywall and replace them. By the end of the job the water was dried, mold damage was avoided, and the customer was happy.

Image of the affected area and the case of loss from the water damage.

Fridge Leak and Damage

It’s strange to think that a fridge line could cause enough damage that you would need to call us. However, it happens more often than you would think. We are here to deal with the water damage and to make sure that everything affected is dry so you can avoid mold. We do what we can to make simple jobs like these feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Bathroom during dry out (with cause of loss.)

Bathroom Damage During Dryout

The bathroom shown here had been damaged from water that backed up from the drain and completely covered the floor. We took every measure we could to make sure that the beautiful tiling was not damaged any further from the water.

Carpet lifted for the drying process

Carpet Damage

It is important, when dealing with water damaged carpet, to understand that the surface water damage is only part of the issue. Water seeps through the carpet, into the padding below, and in some situations into the base which can be wood or cement depending on the building. So it’s important to reach out to a cleaning and restoration company like SERVPRO® to help you dry the carpet carefully and completely.

Image of damage from drain water back-up.

Drain Back-Up

When a drain malfunctions, there’s no telling how bad the damage can get. So if you find that a drain in your basement (like the one shown here) or in a bathtub or anywhere else is having problems, please get it taken care of by a plumber as soon as possible. If you experience damage, call us for the cleaning and restoration. We’re Here to Help®.

Hole in ceiling from water damage

Broken Fridge Line

It’s strange to think that a little thing like a broken refrigerator line could cause damage to this extent. It is possible though, and the image shown here is proof. Water from the broken line upstairs leaked into the basement and caused a whole mess of problems. So remember to pay attention to your appliances; especially those that could lead to damage like this.

Tile ceiling is bowing from the weight of water damage.

Bowing Ceiling

Ceilings can only withstand so much damage, especially when the ceiling is a tile type ceiling like the one shown here. When water damage gets too heavy, it will begin to bow, and eventually, it is likely to collapse. If you find yourself dealing with damage like this, call your local SERVPRO®. We are Here to Help®.

Mold buildup on concrete basement wall.

Mold on Wall

The image shown here is of a moldy basement wall. This may look like something caused by severe damage, but something like this could begin to form in any basement where the moisture levels are too high. Keep a lookout for spots like this forming in your basement, or else you could be the one facing a moldy situation!

Image of damaged carpet and a wall with the trim removed.

Sump-Pump - Damage that Spreads

Sump-pump failure can lead to big trouble. As shown in this photo, the water escaped the sump-pump room and made its way into a carpeted room of the house. Luckily we were able to clean the carpet and everything else affected!

Images of air movers and dehumidifies in a building for a dry-out.

Pipe Burst

This empty house was hit with water damage that did damage in multiple rooms. When our team came to the scene they knew they were going to need to focus hard on getting the floors dried. Luckily, it was possible for the techs to get underneath the floorboards and get the base of the floor dried. In doing this they helped to reduce the risk of further damage from mold.

Water damage is never fun, but it’s a little easier to handle when you know you’ve got a team like SERVPRO® in your corner.

Image of air-movers placed in their dry-out positions for a job.

A Visual of the Equipment

It’s hard to know what to expect when water mitigation and dry-out are started on your property. This particular commercial property had a good amount of equipment placed. As seen here, there were air-movers (the small green machines) and dehumidifiers (the large machine) in this room. These are common machines to see during a water job. If you have questions about the equipment, your technicians will be happy to explain what they are and what they do during the job!

Flooded floor - Water coming up from the sump pump in the basement

Sump-Pump Nightmare

There are no words to describe the frustration of sump pump problems. Taking care of them is a necessity, and doing it correctly and fast is important, especially in extreme cases like the one shown above. In these types of situations, you can always contact SERVPRO® for the cleanup and restoration.

Pipe Break In Basement

These kinds of tiles can be frustrating due to them being so easily damaged. However, in this situation, these tiles made things a bit easier. There was a pipe burst in the basement ceiling, and while there was a little bit of damage it was easier to get to the broken pipe because it was easier to access. Easier access means faster repairs, and that’s something everyone can be happy about!

Tub Mold

When you bathe, you want the shower/tub in which you’re cleaning yourself in to be clean. However, if a home is left untouched for a while (whether because it’s for sale or it’s not a full-time home) leftover water can cause mold to form. This is the kind of thing that you can avoid by making sure that leaks are managed and that any water is dried up before you leave the home for long periods of time. It may seem like busywork, but it’s less work than getting mold cleaned up.

Basement Flood

It’s true. When there is a flood in a building, the floors are what you’ll usually notice are damaged. However, if you look at the photo here, you can see some very clear damage to the walls as well that is trickling down from the upstairs floor, which is the ceiling to the basement. You have to be sure to look for damage everywhere you can. If you think you may have missed something, contact your local SERVPRO®. Our techs are trained to know where to look, and they won’t disappoint.

Small Hole. Big Mess.

Any time of year, there can be a pipe burst. You never know what will cause it, but when it happens, it doesn’t matter how big the hole is. You need to get it taken care of. Small holes can look harmless, but if left untouched, they can get worse and cause much more damage than expected.

The Real Monster In The Basement

Mold thrives in dark, humid areas. This makes basements the perfect dwelling for them. Any type of mold from harmless to dangerous can be found in any building type - home and business alike. So it is important to make sure that you’re checking those cold dark spaces for mold. If you do happen to have mold, you need to reach out to professionals to get it taken care of. You don’t want to risk your personal property getting damaged or risk issues for your family’s or employees’ health. SERVPRO® teams are trained in mold remediation and they are happy to help get your home or business back to normal.

What Is Under Your Washer & Dryer?

Clothing washers and dryers are some of the few appliances that never really move once they’ve been placed. Because of this, it is really easy for dust, mold, and other grime to build up underneath the machines. While this may not seem like an issue, excess dust can build up and become a fire hazard, and mold in large amounts can cause health issues to those living in the building. It is important to check behind and underneath washers and dryers whenever the opportunity presents itself.

If you happen to find something unsettling or something you can’t handle on your own, reach out to your local SERVPRO® professionals. We are Here to Help®!

Water Damage to Ceiling

When the snow melts, it turns to water. When this water builds it can tear up the walls an ceilings of a building. This particular image shows damages to a church building that had suffered after the tough winter we had here in Central Illinois. It is damage like this that we here at SERVPRO® are more than happy to come and restore for those who decide to call on us.

Mold or No Mold?

While mold is sometimes immediately visible, there are some times when it’s in a place that is less than easy to access. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

When you are faced with water damage or even if the humidity levels are higher than normal in your home or business, there is a possibility that mold will be present. If you aren’t sure, you can always contact SERVPRO®. Our teams are trained to be able to detect mold that you may not have known was there. Through mitigation and remediation, we can relieve you of your mold problems.

So why keep asking yourself if it is or isn’t mold when you could contact SERVPRO® professionals and have your questions answered and your issue resolved?

Bathroom Dry Out in Pekin

The person who's bathroom is featured in these before and after pictures played it smart and had SERVPRO come do their Bathroom Dry Out for them. They knew that dealing with gray water could potentially be hazardous.

Water Damage Ceiling Repair in Pekin

The flooding damaged many areas of the home and was the result of a pipe that had burst in the ceiling. Almost every room in the home's first level was flooded with water.

Water Damage Drywall Repair in Pekin

SERVPRO was able to extract the excess water and moisture from the home and then replace the drywall and flooring for our client. Needless to say, they were very pleased!

Bedroom Carpet Drying in Pekin

This flooded unit had major water damage throughout the entire home. It was especially bad in the bedrooms where water from pipes in the ceiling had been dripping for days while the owners were away on vacation.

Bathroom Restore In Pekin

The extent of the damage was contained to the bathroom, laundry room and basement. Thankfully the damage occurred on the basement level so as to not affect any additional areas below that floor.

Gray and Black Water Damage In Pekin

Gray and Black water should be considered extremely dangerous. The water is unsanitary and may contain bacteria that could cause serious illness.

If you experience such damage please call SERVPRO right away!

Basement Water Repair Pekin

The landlord was extremely pleased to have us help him restore the beauty and stability of his home. We provide cleaning services like this and more to businesses all over the Pekin area.

Kitchen Water Damage Restoration Pekin

Water was present all over the structure from floor to ceiling, including in all the bathrooms. The owner thought he would have to tear out and replace all of the flooring and drywall.

Fortunately, we were able to save some of the flooring and walls. This was more cost effective and less labor intensive then it would have been to remove everything in the house and install completely new items.

Flood Damaged Ceiling Pekin

The flooding damaged most of the home and was the result of a pipe that had burst in the ceiling. Almost every room in the home's first level was covered in water.

Utility Sink Affected Area Pekin

This flooded basement in Pekin was the result of a broken pipe. In the before picture it is noticeable that water had damaged the flooring as well as some of the occupant's possessions.

Basement Water Mitigation Pekin

This flooded basement in Pekin was the result of a broken pipe. In the before picture it is noticeable that water had damaged the carpeting and the baseboards as well as some of the occupant's possessions.

Bathroom Water Damage Repair Pekin

Black and or gray water should be considered extremely dangerous. The water is unsanitary and may contain bacteria that could cause serious illness. The cleanup should be handled by professionals.

Bathroom Flood Restore Pekin

Bathroom Floor Restore

Gray water should be considered extremely dangerous. The water is unsanitary and may contain bacteria that could cause serious illness. The cleanup should be handled by professionals.

Closet Water Damage Repair Pekin

Water should always be considered dangerous if it came through the sewage pipes or overflowed from a toilet. The water is unsanitary and may contain bacteria that could cause serious illness.

Kitchen Flooding Water Damage In Pekin

This was a water damage to a ceiling in the kitchen of the clients home. A pipe had burst and flooded the second floor which caused significant damage to the ceiling and lower floor area.

Water Damage Repair North Central Tazewell County

This was a water damage to a ceiling. A pipe had burst and flooded the second floor which caused significant damage to the ceiling and lower floor area. SERVPRO fixed it fast!

Water Damage North Central Tazewell County

Water damage can be minimal or it can blow out entire ceilings. Here is a picture of the latter from a residence that SERVPRO recently patched up. Cold weather is particularly notorious for making pipes freeze and cause this kind of damage.

Hotel Damage

This hotel was flooded by a massive water main burst. 

The hotel owner was so thankful when SERVPRO showed up with professional equipment to fix this hotel water damage as well as extremely satisfied with the results. 

Repairs Crew!

Our repairs crew getting ready to start their day! The vans are packed to the brim with water damage repair equipment and they are heading out to go restore some units!