Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Image of a basement wall made of wood and soaked in water.

Water Damage to Basement Wall

The wall in this basement absorbed water from a damage situation. The paneling here was a wood material and if the owners of the house hadn’t noticed it, they could have ended up with mold. However, we were called and were able to help the client. We are happy to be Here to Help®.

Mold on the surface of a door in a building with no residents.

Moldy Door

We talk frequently about how the level of moisture within your home can become a problem if it isn’t monitored, and this is why. This home had not been lived in for a while, and when the moisture levels got too high with nobody around to adjust it, mold like this began to appear throughout the property. Hopefully, something like this never happens to you. If it does though, you can always reach out to your local SERVPRO®! We’re Here to Help®!

Image of water soaked carpet in a finished basement.

Water Backup in Basement

When water backs up into your house, it looks a lot like this and it is completely daunting to deal with. We want you to know that you can count on us to be Here to Help® with your water backup damage.

Hole in a wall from water damage.

You're Going to Need Some Recon

The frustrating thing about water damage is not just that everything gets wet, but that sometimes there are areas in the house that fall apart or need to be removed due to the water damage. When that happens you can be left with unsightly damage. The good news is that we have team members who can do the reconstruction for you!

Image of a floor and room during recon.


What you see here is a dry floor and wall. Now that the property is dry, it is time to get things put back to normal. Instead of calling in a completely different company and team, you can depend on SERVPRO® for the reconstruction of your property.

It’s just another way we are Here to Help®.

Photo collage of the second day of class


We have had the pleasure of hosting our first Water/Applied Structural Drying course for the year. This IICRC training has given us the chance to further the training of some of our own people and the training of staff from other SERVPRO franchises as well!

It's going to be an interesting rest of the week!

Mold on the backside of the wall of a residential property.

Mold - Hidden

Mold is easy to miss when it hides within and behind the walls of your home or business. It’s not often that you have access to the backsides of the walls to see what’s going on. That being said, if you are worried this could be something happening on your property, please reach out to your local SERVPRO® for the mold remediation.

Image of air movers drying out an empty room with wood floors.

The Angles Matter

Sometimes the equipment that is laid throughout your property after you face damage can seem like a nuisance. However, the clunky-looking machines are there for a very specific purpose, and they are placed in the positions they are for optimal drying results. If you are ever curious about the process of laying the machines, feel free to ask the team members on your job. They are more than happy to explain it!

Image shows the muck buildup in the crawl space of the client's home.

Sewage in Crawlspace

The gunk in this photo is a stomach-turning mix of debris you would normally find in a crawlspace and sewage that backed up into space. Damage like this is something that property owners should call in professionals for. These spaces are hard to navigate without proper training and this type of damage is dangerous to deal with if you don’t have the right protective equipment.

Don’t deal with a sewage mess on your own if you don’t need to. Call SERVPRO® for the cleanup and restoration.

dusty and rusted ceiling vent

Clean Your Vents

There is no limit to what damage unclean vents can do. Taking the time to clean your vents regularly is the best way to avoid issues, but if you can’t find the time or don’t know what to look for you should call in a professional. Clean vents help you avoid breathing issues from dust or mold, and it helps to prevent accidental fires.

Mold Under AC

Air conditioners are meant to keep you comfortable when the heat and humidity get to be too much (and both have definitely been an issue here in Central Illinois this year). However, when condensation builds up and goes unnoticed, you can end up with a good amount of mold in areas around the AC. Be sure to keep an eye out for any spots that might be growing. Catching mold early can make it easier to take care of it!

Weathering Fail

Weatherising is a common practice for people who leave their homes for the winter. As shown here, toilets need to be weatherized to prevent seasonal damage, especially when there is nobody to maintain the appliance. However, what is shown here is what happens when even the most prepared people fall victim to the weather. Lucky for this family, SERVPRO® has plenty of experience cleaning and restoring mold-damaged property. We are always Here to Help®.

Look Up... There's Mold!

It’s never a fun moment when you get a leak in your ceiling. It’s especially frustrating though when the leak goes unnoticed long enough to form mold. When that happens you can contact your local SERVPRO® to help fix the mold issue.

Mold and Water Damage Under Toilet

Toilets leak and sometimes people miss the bowl. Either way, there is always a chance for water damage to happen around the porcelain throne. The image shown here is from a job with just that issue. So keep an eye out. If you see your bathroom tile looking really dingy around the toilet, get it checked or check it yourself. If there’s water or mold damage, call SERVPRO® to help with the cleanup!

From the Ground Up

We’re sure you get a little tired about hearing about the risks of mold. However, it is important to see exactly what can happen if you don’t take mold issues seriously. The photo here is from a neglected basement. This is just one of the sections that had mold growing. Our teams came out, did an estimate, and got to work as quickly as we could. This was an extreme case and they knew that the sooner the problem was resolved the sooner everyone’s health would be out of danger.

Monitor your homes. Keep an eye out so that you don’t find yourself in a similar situation to this one.

Guess the Pest

Just kidding. We won’t make you guess; because the answer is TERMITES.

Not a pretty word. Not a pretty bug. Not a pretty mess.

These little bugs can be a death sentence for any building that they can chomp down on. While we may not be able to exterminate the little pests, we certainly have the ability to help with the mess and the damage they leave behind when they go. Our heroes are Here to Help® with a wide variety of damages. This wasn’t the first and will not be the last time we are called for pest-related damages.

Wall Deep Cleaning

Sometimes buildings are allowed to accumulate a certain level of grime. Floors and walls become caked with hard to clean filth. When this happens, you can call SERVPRO® and our cleaning teams will be more than up to the task of cleaning whatever is stained. As you can see in this photo, the difference is astounding.

Mold: It Can Hide Anywhere

Basements, attics, that spot behind your dresser that never gets any sunlight; Mold can be in any space with the correct mixture of moisture and temperature. The only trouble is, the longer it goes unnoticed, the more damage it is liable to cause.

The above photo shows a corner of mold in a crawl space that just couldn’t be seen or reached by the owner of the house. Our professionals came in and did what they do best, they found the mold, assessed the damage, and cleaned it out.

Even though mold can hide anywhere, it’s no match for our SERVPRO® Heroes.

Construction Cleanup

When you’ve had parts of your house fixed after damage occurs there is sometimes a mess left behind that your everyday vacuum can’t take care of. When we come in and do reconstruction on a home, you can depend on us to clean up after ourselves. Our teams understand that the stress doesn’t just come from the water or the fire, it comes from knowing that your home or business is not as clean as it was before the event happened. We do our best to make your recovery as stress-free as possible.

Rug Cleaning by Contents Team in Pekin

Here is a great example of just how talented our contents crew is. This rug was so dirty that the original colors were completely altered. The contents crew was able to use the right cleaning chemicals to restore the piece to its former vibrancy, giving us an astonishing look at the difference between dingy and bright.

December 11th CE Classes

The Continuing Education Classes that were presented on December 11th were Ethics Boot Camp and Essentials of Legal Liability and Insured Status. Todd Davis was the instructor for the classes and his energy and his knowledgeability on the subjects made for an interesting day for the attendees. We look forward to his next visits.

Taking Care of Vandalism in Pekin

In the featured photo, you can see that there is damage to the door of this garage. This is the result of an attempted break in. When the home owner noticed the damage, they got a hold of SERVPRO.

Remember, we aren't just about cleaning and restoring water and fie damage. We can help with vandalism and a myriad of other damages as well.

Living Room Dryout in Pekin

This flooded home had major water damage throughout the entire home. It was particularly bad in the Living room where water from pipes in the ceiling had been dripping for days while the owners were away on a holiday vacation.

CE Class Extracting Moisture in Pekin

We flooded our house to demonstrate how we extract and monitor moisture in the house.  That’s Jason Fletcher in the black shirt, and Todd Davis is the instructor in the suit.  We had some employees from SERVPRO of Springfield there too.

CE Class Monitoring Moisture in Pekin

We flooded our house to demonstrate how we extract and monitor moisture in the house.  We had some employees from the neighboring SERVPRO of Springfield there too who also shared the experience.

Closet Cleanup and Restoration in Pekin

The customer was extremely pleased with SERVPRO's help and professionalism. They were even able to get the unit turned around and back on the rental market without serious loss of funds.