Recent Before & After Photos

Carpet Removal

When a finished basement is flooded it is important to get everything dried and taken care of. If the carpet in the basement can’t be dried, there is the ... READ MORE

When last you saw it...

When you last saw images of this post office it was just boarded up (shown in this before photo). The difference between before and now is astounding. The build... READ MORE

Where Did the Mold Go?

Mold doesn’t always show up in the most obvious places. While it’s likely you’ll find mold in basements or in bathrooms, you can find it in pl... READ MORE

Roanoke Post Office

Imagine being at work on a snowy day, minding your own business, and then suddenly there’s a vehicle bursting through the wall. This scenario happened at ... READ MORE

Electronics Contents Clean

Much like the previous post, this speaker set was damaged due to soot. Our contents team was able to clean them off and clean them out. After a quick washing (w... READ MORE

Computer Monitor Cleaning

What’s more frustrating than fire or soot damage to electronics? Not much. This is especially true in the case of computers because as much as we hate to ... READ MORE

The Soot is on the Walls

When fire damage occurs, there is always damage outside of the initial burned area. Porous areas absorb the smell of smoke and any surface can be covered in lig... READ MORE

Freezer Nightmare

There are few things as recognizable as the smell that comes from a freezer that has been off for a while (especially when the food in it has folded). The photo... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Finished Basement

As stressful as general water damage is, it is even more stressful when you’ve spent the time and the money to finish a basement just to have water come i... READ MORE

What Basement Water Clean-Up Looks Like

Basements are one of the most common areas of a building to experience water damage. Between leaks from outdoors or other levels of a building, general excess h... READ MORE