Recent Before & After Photos

Standing Water Storage Room Extraction & Dryout

Standing water is definitely frustrating. Any water damage is tough to deal with, but it is made even worse when the amount of water present leads to a big pudd... READ MORE

Toilet & Bathroom Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage damage can happen in any building with indoor plumbing. It just so happened that the damage shown here happened within a commercial property. The busines... READ MORE

Sink Cleaned After Smoke/Soot Fire Damage

We recently posted a picture of the tub from this same house fire. The smoke and soot in the tub were cleaned out by our highly trained team, and the tub was br... READ MORE

Tub Cleaned After Smoke/Soot Fire Damage

This customer experienced some severe smoke and soot damage all over their house after they experienced fire damage. Their bathroom was close enough to the sour... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage - Wall & Trim Removed

When water came into this customer’s bathroom, the floor wasn’t the only part of the room that was damaged. The walls were damaged as well. This mea... READ MORE

Commercial Hallway Dry Out

There is obviously some water damage to this hallway, but what you can’t see is that the water damage has come from a water heater leak. Damage like this ... READ MORE

Commercial Break Room Water Damage Dry Out

When damage happens to commercial buildings, it is important to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Water damage (like that shown here) can make it imp... READ MORE

Removing Massive Storm Damage Before Reconstruction

There is certainly more than just a little damage pictured here. This house was hit with damage after bad weather came through. Not only was the customer left w... READ MORE

Carpet Removal in Basement After Water Damage

Your bedroom is a place where you hope to feel relaxed and secure. So when water damage happens in your bedroom, it can be frustrating and disorienting. This cu... READ MORE

More Damage Revealed After Storm Damage

Storm damage occurred to this house, and it damaged a couple of areas including this kitchen. There was damage to the roof that leaked in and damaged the ceilin... READ MORE