Recent Before & After Photos

Bathroom During and After

Sometimes the difference between the beginning of a job and the end of a job isn’t completely visible to the eye. That doesn’t mean that the damage ... READ MORE

Hallway Water Damage

We know that the drying process looks a little intimidating. In the hallway alone for this job you can see three air movers and a dehumidifier. There were other... READ MORE

Bathroom Flood

From shower water to overflowing toilets, bathrooms are constantly exposed to water. It really isn’t uncommon to have water damage in a bathroom. That doe... READ MORE

Broken Pipe

If having a leaking pipe is a frustrating experience, then you can only imagine how much worse it is to have a pipe just completely burst. This client had a pip... READ MORE

Drain Damage

When water is pushed back into a building, the floor is not always the only thing that is affected. The drain that led to this room had so much water pushed bac... READ MORE

Basement Pipe Leak

As you can see, there was a bit of water damage in this unfinished basement. Often, people who have damage like this in an unfinished part of their house will d... READ MORE

Water Backup In Shower Drain

We've recently talked about this, but it's important to recognize that water backups happen and that they can make quite the mess. The water backup that happene... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak

When your water heater leaks, it can mean big trouble. It can be messy and damaging to your home and to the contents within it. If the water isn’t dried q... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

The thing about storm damage is that it can lead to damage outside and inside of your home. Storms can lead to flooding and the excess water can lead to backups... READ MORE

Roof Damage

One of the things that nobody can 100% prepare for is a major storm. When one hits, you’ll never really know if it is going to be strong enough to damage ... READ MORE