Recent Before & After Photos

Flooring Removed for Drying After Dishwasher Leak

This customer had a dishwasher leak in their kitchen. While this is already a frustrating situation, they had the added stress of the wood floors in the kitchen... READ MORE

Equipment for Carpet Dry Out in Closet

When you experience water damage, it is important to check everywhere for wet spots. The closet in this room was wet, and had it gone unnoticed it would likely ... READ MORE

Wood Floor Removal for Complete Drying

When wood floors are affected by water damage, there are many steps you need to take it is important to make sure that. One of those steps being that if the flo... READ MORE

Extraction First - Drying Equipment After

Major water damage is a big problem whether your basement is finished or not. When damage like the water damage shown here happens, it’s important to know... READ MORE

Concrete Floor Water Dry Out

It might not seem like concrete floors need much attention past a quick-drying with a towel or a fan after water damage. However, this isn’t necessarily t... READ MORE

Sewage Cleanup and Recon. in Small Bathroom

It’s never fun when your shower drain pushes the water out instead of pulling water down. We were called to this job where you can clearly see that there ... READ MORE

Cafeteria Water Damage Cleanup

Judging by the first photo, you wouldn’t guess that the tile floor of this cafeteria was white with small areas of colored tiles. It all looks brown. That... READ MORE

Carpeted Bathroom - Carpet Removed After Water Damage

It’s not often that you see carpeted bathrooms, and situations like this are probably why. The drain in the shower in this bathroom had water back up thro... READ MORE

Bar Area Water Extraction

Water damage affected the bar area of this basement. There was a lot of water and the water wasn’t necessarily, “crystal clear.” When we were ... READ MORE

Removing Wood Floor for Complete Dry

Wood floors are beautiful but easy to damage. When you have water damage on a wood floor, it’s likely that you’ll see the wood start to warp or buck... READ MORE