Recent Before & After Photos

Little Leak = Bigger Problem

When you think about a small leak, it doesn’t seem like an immediately big problem. However, if they are unnoticed or ignored they can become a much bigge... READ MORE

Bedroom Flood - Daily Departure and Post Mitigation

When you look at these images, it may be confusing as to why the clients who had water damage to this area of their home would need air movers to dry the concre... READ MORE

Office Damage

This is a good look at some damage that occurred in a conference room in an office building. Water caused the ceiling to warp in some places and (as you can see... READ MORE

Damage Under the Sink

The space underneath any sink in your house is always at risk for water damage. Sometimes a leak starts for no reason. Sometimes the kids leave the sink on not ... READ MORE

Another Basement Dry-out

The dry-out is one of the most important steps in the water cleanup and restoration process. Water that is not properly and completely dried out of walls and fl... READ MORE

Laundry Room Dry-Out & Reconstruction

There’s no getting around it. If you have a laundry room in your home, you are likely to find yourself facing water damage to the area. While it’s b... READ MORE

Home Bar Zone Cleanup & Dry-out

When you have a finished basement, you know how scary it is when water damage makes its way into the finished area. Nothing is quite as frustrating as taking th... READ MORE

Commercial Bathroom Cleanup

There’s really no good time or place for water backup; especially when that water turns out to be a biohazard. That is why when this business found water ... READ MORE

Board Up - Storm Damage to Roof

During a storm, your roof has the job of protecting you, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, there is nothing between your roof and the storm. That ... READ MORE

Burn House Training - Kid’s Room Scenario

This burn scenario was by far the scariest. As you can see, this room is a kid’s room, filled with furniture and toys. The way this scenario was played ou... READ MORE