Recent Before & After Photos

Pre-Mitigation and Equipment Set-up - Basement Water Damage

It is important to understand what the restoration process really looks like and what our teams actually set up. As you can see in these photos, the water damag... READ MORE

Closet Cleaning and Wall Repairs

Sometimes the areas that can be damaged the most are the ones that are out of sight and out of mind. So when the client for the job shown above found this damag... READ MORE

Damaged Trim Behind the Toilet

Toilets have a bad habit of causing moisture buildup. Between condensation, leaks, overflows, and… bad aim, there are many ways for water/moisture damage... READ MORE

It Looks Finished Now

Sometimes the restoration of a job requires a little extra elbow grease. The circumstances behind the damage here ended up causing the flooring to need to be re... READ MORE


There are many reasons someone might need a board-up done on their home. The images here show the pre and post-board-up views of this home that experienced some... READ MORE

Water In The Hallway

Water damage to wood floors can be frustrating and stressful. It’s frustrating because no water damage is good water damage. It’s stressful because ... READ MORE

Laundry Room Clean & Restore

A laundry room is a place where problems can definitely spark out of nowhere or build up if regular maintenance is not being done, but these photos show a combi... READ MORE

Another Commercial General Cleaning

Commercial buildings sometimes need a good deep cleaning. When as many people go in and out of a building as they do in a commercial building, it makes sense th... READ MORE

Floor Dry Concrete

The images shown here are the result of a water leak and cleanup. Normally when there is water on a concrete floor, it would seem like an easy fix. There’... READ MORE

What It Looks Like - Carpet Dry Out

The weird thing about carpet drying is that you never know how far removed the carpet will have to be. There are times when the carpet will have to be completel... READ MORE