Recent Before & After Photos

Board Up - Large Hole in House

It’s never good to have a hole in your home. This is especially the case when the hole is as large as this one was. We were called in and our team made su... READ MORE

Tarping Holes in Roof After Tree Limb Damage

Trees and tree limbs are a common cause of damage during a storm. They can break windows and ruin siding. Rooves are constantly exposed to the elements, and thi... READ MORE

Unfinished Basement - Drying Concrete Floor

Unfinished basements are just as susceptible to water damage as finished basements. While it might seem less important to get an unfinished basement dried after... READ MORE

Dryer Fire Window Board Up

After a fire occurs, it is normal to find windows broken. The problem that then occurs is that the open window leaves the home exposed to secondary damage from ... READ MORE

Water Damage - Washing Machine Water Line Leak

When the water line to this customer's clothes washing machine in this house sprung a leak, there was enough water damage that the customer needed to call us in... READ MORE

Many Air Movers in Unfinished Basement Dry Out

When a large area like this unfinished basement is affected by water damage, it is common to see a large amount of equipment placed for the drying process. The ... READ MORE

Door Board-Up After Vandalism

The sad truth is that there are vandals everywhere. Sometimes the vandalism is in the form of spray-painted profanity on a wall, and other times the vandalism l... READ MORE

Sump Pump Closet Area Dry Out

Small areas can hold large amounts of damage. This small area is the location of this home’s sump pump. So when there was water damage from the sump pump,... READ MORE

Standing Water Storage Room Extraction & Dryout

Standing water is definitely frustrating. Any water damage is tough to deal with, but it is made even worse when the amount of water present leads to a big pudd... READ MORE

Toilet & Bathroom Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage damage can happen in any building with indoor plumbing. It just so happened that the damage shown here happened within a commercial property. The busines... READ MORE