Recent Before & After Photos

Home Bar Zone Cleanup & Dry-out

When you have a finished basement, you know how scary it is when water damage makes its way into the finished area. Nothing is quite as frustrating as taking th... READ MORE

Commercial Bathroom Cleanup

There’s really no good time or place for water backup; especially when that water turns out to be a biohazard. That is why when this business found water ... READ MORE

Board Up - Storm Damage to Roof

During a storm, your roof has the job of protecting you, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, there is nothing between your roof and the storm. That ... READ MORE

Burn House Training - Kid’s Room Scenario

This burn scenario was by far the scariest. As you can see, this room is a kid’s room, filled with furniture and toys. The way this scenario was played ou... READ MORE

Burn House Training - Bed Room Scenario

This fire scenario was by far the most fun of the day. The story behind how the fire started is a scorned girlfriend finding out from neighbors that her boyfrie... READ MORE

Burn House Training - Living Room Scenario

The images shown here are from a simulation of an intentional fire. However, this one is different for the simple fact that there were two fires started in this... READ MORE

Burn House Training - Dining Room Scenario

We have posted content on our burn house training day, and while the video is fun to watch it is just as much fun to get a look at a definitive before and after... READ MORE

Bathroom Cleanup & Repair

We continue to see this issue, and it’s because bathrooms will always have an issue with moisture. This bathroom had a bit of water damage on the floor th... READ MORE

Severe Bathroom Flood-Water Removal

It really is as bad as it looks. When a storm hit and the pipes couldn’t take it, this bathroom became a small pond. The before and after here show not th... READ MORE

Pre-Mitigation and Equipment Set-up - Basement Water Damage

It is important to understand what the restoration process really looks like and what our teams actually set up. As you can see in these photos, the water damag... READ MORE