Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage to Bathroom Ceiling

Pipes leak and break all the time. So the customer was only a little surprised when the pipes in the ceiling of this bathroom ended up leaking and causing water... READ MORE

Vandalism Removal

This business had its outside wall vandalized. While they did a good job removing the bulk of the vandalism, there was just a little bit of a stain left behind;... READ MORE

Basement Water Damage

Basements are some of the most commonly affected areas in Central Illinois when it comes to water damage. Whether it’s sump pump problems, broken pipes, o... READ MORE

Roof Damage

When storms cause tree limbs and debris to land on a roof, there’s always a chance that they could damage the roof that they fall on. This is definitely o... READ MORE

Water Damage From Garage Ceiling

A typical garage sees all kinds of damage. It’s generally pretty exposed to the elements, and this can make it more susceptible to damage like this. A pip... READ MORE

Sneaky Water Damage

When you look at the floor in this bathroom in the before photo, it doesn’t look like there is much water damage. There is some visible water pooling on t... READ MORE

From Wet to Dry

This is a good visual example of just how well our drying equipment works for water damage. This is the state that the wall and the concrete subfloor after the ... READ MORE

Window Board-Up Post-Fire

The thing about your property - even a small opening can be big enough for damage to find its way in. After a fire happened on this property, there was a large ... READ MORE

Deep Water Basement Flood

There is no denying that water damage like this is no good at all. The water in this basement ended up easily being multiple inches deep. Because of that, we we... READ MORE

Large Opening Board Up

Fire damage can be minor or it can be major. Safe to say that the damage that occurred in this home was major. There was enough left to be saved, which was a go... READ MORE