Recent Before & After Photos

Walk-In Closet Water Damage

This home was hit with some pretty nasty water damage. The toilet on this level of the home had a leak that resulted in the bathroom and multiple other rooms be... READ MORE

Sewage Damage

Sewage can be a lot of things, but one way it is more often than not described is stinky. That is one of the reasons people are usually so quick to call when th... READ MORE

Bathroom Dry-out Before Recon

The water damage that took place in this bathroom was pretty bad, to say the least. This bathroom originally had carpeting and was completely finished. The carp... READ MORE

Air Conditioner Water Damage

Air conditioners are necessary during these hot summer months. However, there are some damage risks that come with the use of these machines. The AC system in t... READ MORE

Board-Up Before & After

What is shown here is the perfect example of why board-ups can be a necessary part of the fire cleanup and restoration process. When this house was hit with som... READ MORE

Lunch Area Water Damage

Nobody wants to smell water damage while they try to enjoy their lunch. So when we were called to take care of the water damage in the lunch area of this buildi... READ MORE

Cleaning Walls After Fire Damage

This is one of the best examples of post-fire/smoke damage cleanup. The walls in this home were completely covered in secondary damage from smoke. This is the s... READ MORE

Water Damage On Bathroom Tile

Tile floors seem like they should be less of a concern when it comes to water damage. They don’t warp quite as badly as wood floors and they aren’t ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Garage

The images shown here are an example of a very common form of damage during the summer months. When storm waters flood a garage, it’s not unheard of for t... READ MORE

Water Damage Commercial Space

It’s frustrating when you go to start a day of work and the carpet squishes underneath the weight of your feet. So when the people working in this commerc... READ MORE