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Water Damage Tile Floor

When it comes to flooring, you might think it’s better to have water damage on a hard floor than a carpeted floor. However, in a situation like the one in... READ MORE

Dry Out After Sewage Damage

When sewage damage occurs, it can mean a huge mess and possible health and safety risks for those in the building. So when our teams were called in to do the cl... READ MORE

Workout Room Mitigation

Exercise equipment can be expensive. Anyone who has a designated exercise room in their home knows that there is a certain amount of care that has to be taken w... READ MORE

Mitigation Before Reconstruction

When it comes to sewage and water damage, you don’t always know just how deep it goes until you start the cleanup process. This small bathroom is a good e... READ MORE

Clean and Dry Out in the Bathroom

Water damage is common in bathrooms, and while there are things you can do to prevent water damage, you can’t completely keep it from happening. That bein... READ MORE

Water Mitigation

This house had a good deal of water damage which affected areas with both carpet and tile flooring. You’ll notice that there is some equipment in this hal... READ MORE

Wet Carpet Removal

This customer ended up with some bad damage in their basement. A clog caused sewage to back up into the basement area, and it stained the carpet in multiple pla... READ MORE

Commercial Apartment Water Damage

It might seem like there are a lot of air movers for such a small area of this apartment. However, we’ve discussed before that there is a science to the w... READ MORE

Wet Carpet Removal

Any time you have major water damage to your carpet, you have to face the likelihood that to completely dry out the area, you’ll have to remove the carpet... READ MORE

Cabinet Removal After Roof Leak

Storm damage can present in many different ways. Water damage is definitely one of the common types of storm-related damage. In the case of this customer’... READ MORE