Commercial Photo Gallery

Wall boarded up after fire damage.

Board Up After Commercial Fire

Fire damage can cause all kinds of problems. The one shown here is a wall that was damaged during the fire, leaving the inside of this business exposed to the elements. That is why we were quick to board up the wall; protecting the inside from further damage as well as unwanted visitors.

Damaged wall from the water drying process done by the building maintenance team.

Commercial Water Damage Repairs

There are times when we are called in to restore an area after it has already been dried from the initial water damage. This was one of those situations. The water had been completely dried out by the maintenance team of this apartment complex. That being said, there was quite a bit of damage leftover. We were happy to be a part of repairing this damage and making it feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Bathroom toilet and floor messy after a sewage backup.

Commercial Sewage Backup

There are few things as gut-wrenching as a sewage backup. So when this commercial client had sewage damage on their property, we knew it was important to get the situation cleaned and dried as soon as possible. So that is what we did, and we are happy to have been able to help!

Commercial break room with water damage and debris damage all over the floor.

Water Damage Ceiling Debris

When water damage occurs, there is always a risk of there being more than just a wet area on the floor or on the ceiling. This is a prime example of that. After water damage affected the ceiling, the tiles collapsed and ended up on the floor. As soon as we were called into the job and saw what had happened, we knew that this was going to be more than just a dry-out. The debris would need to be cleaned up so everything could be dried thoroughly, and that’s exactly what we did!

Deep area of water in commercial basement after high volume of rain.

Inches of Rain in Commercial Basement

There has been quite a bit of rain in our communities lately. When you don’t get much of a break between storms, you could easily start to see the water begin to build up in the basement. So when this commercial property owner called us after experiencing a basement flood, we were more than happy to come and help them dry the area out!

Columns in the wall were damaged from fire and are in the process of being repaired.

Repairs to Fire Damaged Column

When this commercial building was faced with fire damage, it wasn’t just a matter of cleaning up the smoke and water damage and replacing the drywall in the affected area. Because of the nature of the fire, there were columns in the wall that needed to be reconstructed so the wall could be secure again. Luckily, our teams are not only here for the cleanup and restoration of the obvious damages, but we are here for the reconstruction process as well!

Fire in corner of lobby in a commercial building.

Commercial Fire Damage in Lobby

Fires can happen anywhere; including commercial properties. We were called out to help after this commercial property experienced a large fire. We brought out quite a bit of equipment and we made sure that the areas affected by fire and/or smoke and soot were taken care of. We were happy to be Here to Help!

Ceiling, walls, and floor in church bathroom in desperate need of deep cleaning to get staining and dirt off of walls.

General Cleaning in Church Bathroom

Many people form their opinions of places that they visit by judging the cleanliness of the bathroom. That is why we were happy that this church reached out to us about getting their bathroom cleaned. They had years of buildup that made the room look dingy and less than inviting. We’re glad that the property owner knew that we are here to help with things like this!

Commercial building with burst pipe and water damage.

Commercial Pipe Burst

Pipe bursts happen whether the building is residential or commercial. So if you have a commercial property and something like the situation pictured here happens to you, just remember that your local SERVPRO® is Here to Help®!

Wet carpet in the process of being dried.

Commercial Carpet Drying

When businesses have water damage occur, it is important to get it taken care of as soon as possible so that it doesn’t start to affect business any more than it probably has. There were other water restoration tasks that needed to happen in this business, but this image shows one of the areas of carpet that needed to be dried. Of course, we were glad that they trusted our team to come out and help with the cleanup and restoration of their property, and we were more than happy to help!

Floor ready for restoration in a commercial building

Commercial Restoration

This area was affected by water damage, and this image is of the in-between stage of dry and restored. While the floor is dry, it obviously needs to have a new top-level flooring laid down. The good news - it is completely dry and safe for the owners of this building to move on to that next stage!

Cause of loss for  a commercial water damage.

Commercial Water Extraction

When you have a commercial building frequented by visitors or customers, it’s important to handle damage when it occurs without much hesitation. Unmanaged initial damage can lead to further secondary damage. Let’s be honest, nobody wants that!

Water on the floor of a commercial basement.

Water Damage

Commercial basements generally see much less traffic than the main floor, so it’s not uncommon for there to be unnoticed water damage in those areas. If you’re a business owner and you find water damage in the basement of your property, don’t hesitate to call us to perform the water mitigation.

Airmovers placed and drying water in the basement of a commercial building.

Storm Damage to Commercial Building

When storms cause damage, it can lead to bad flooding damage. And if you are a business owner, it can certainly be bad for business. Don’t let water damage force you to close your doors. Do what this commercial customer did and call your local SERVPRO for the water mitigation, dry out, and restoration!

Image of the kitchen of this unused commercial building prior to the general cleaning process

General Clean in Unused Building

When buildings are unused, it is easy for grime and dust to build up. When the building comes under new ownership, it can be rough to deal with the mess, especially when the area is meant for commercial use. That is just another reason to get ahold of your local SERVPRO®. Our teams are happy to perform general cleaning services for commercial and residential buildings alike!

Collage of photos from a water job at a business that resulted in mud and water in the basement storage area

Flood/Mud in the Basement (2)

As mentioned in the last post, this basement is the storage area for an antique shop. The mud and the water had completely covered the floor and the contents. We are grateful that the owner has trusted us with the task of cleaning and restoring the area. Our teams are happy to be Here to Help!

Multiple images in a collage for a page on the

Flood/Mud in the Basement (1)

The images shown here are of the basement storage area of an antique shop, and as you can see, the entire area is completely soaked and muddy. There had previously been 8 feet of water present. Needless to say, our teams are eager to take on this job!

Mold has started to grow on the wall at the bottom of the stairs in this commercial building.

Mold Damage

There are many times when customers call us after trying to dry water damage themselves without realizing just how wet their property really was. The commercial property shown here was one of those situations in which an area thought to be dried was still damp, and it led to mold growth. That was no problem though because they were able to reach out to our franchise professionals for the remediation of the mold. It’s just another way we’re Here to Help!

Section of the previously abandoned building that needed to be cleaned

General Clean

This commercial building was practically abandoned for years before the new owners came in and decided to take care of the place. They decided to make the call to SERVPRO for the cleanup of the property to get it back into top, functional condition.

We’re glad the customer thought of us for this job and recognized that we would be Here to Help with the big project they had ahead of them!

Air movers placed and drying in a warehouse.

Commercial Damage - Water Damage

This warehouse was hit with some water damage, creating the possibility that there would be damage to the items being stored in the area. Our teams were sent to do the mitigation and ensure that the property and the contents could not be further damaged by the water.

Image of commercial building bathroom with the floor covered in dirt and grime.

Commercial Clean

The circumstances that lead to this damage isn’t important. What is important is the fact that this is NOT something you would want a client walking into if you were a business owner. Your local SERVPRO® is staffed with trained professionals who know exactly how important it is to keep your establishment clean and presentable. So if your business looks like this at some point, reach out to us. We’re Here to Help®.

Image of ceiling covered in mold cause by fire sprinklers

Moldy Ceiling

This is the result of the same damage from a previous post. It is important for commercial buildings that have been closed for business to be maintained. The unattended sprinkler system in this building was set off and the entire building was unknowingly covered in water, which when left alone, lead to mold.

If you ever find yourself in this predicament, please reach out to your local SERVPRO®.

Carpeted room. Drywall removed for the drying process.

Water - Commercial Building

This office had a pipe break and water got everywhere. Due to the type of business that was done in the building, it was important that it was dealt with fast and efficiently. So the people who work in the building made the move to call us for the cleaning and restoration.

Wall sprayed by internal sprinkler system is covered in mold because the building was closed.

Mold - Empty Commercial

Closed or abandoned buildings don’t always get the attention or maintenance that they need. If they are not properly monitored, situations like this can occur. You are looking at damage left after the building sprinkler system went off in a building that was closed down. The water wasn’t cleaned up, and mold started to grow in every place that was left wet.

Don’t underestimate the damage water can do if it isn’t cleaned up. Secondary damage is easy to avoid if you are proactive about water damage.

Soaked ceiling tiles on wet office floor. Water damage in office building.

Water Trouble in the Office

This office building was wracked with water damage recently. Water ended up filling up office and storage areas alike. In this particular room, you can see that the carpet is soaked and there are parts of the ceiling on the floor. There were plenty more rooms like this. Water damage of this magnitude has the potential to slow the way a business runs. That is why the client made the choice to call us and get the water dried out and the building restored by our teams.

Image of the source of the damage: a burst pipe.

Busted Pipe

When a pipe bursts for whatever reason, there are varying degrees to the damage that can be done to the pipe. Sometimes pipes will split into just a small crack in the metal. Sometimes they will split in a way that looks like a compressed tube of crescent rolls will. On the far end of the spectrum, you will have a burst like the one here which looks like explosives were involved. With a break this severe, this commercial building was soaked in multiple rooms. That is why they called for our teams here at SERVPRO® to do the water cleanup and restoration.

Tiles removed from office ceiling to get access to the water damage in the ceiling.

Ceiling Damage - Commercial

It’s important to know how to get to the source of the issue when it comes to water damage. When that damage is in the ceiling the only real way to get to it is to go through it. In this office building, it was a little easier because our teams were able to pop the ceiling tiles off and get them out of the way. Just remember, whether the source is more or less accessible, you can always count on SERVPRO® to make the water damage feel “Like it never even happened.”

Two photos; room damaged from fire and from water, and the image of fire damaged debris pulled from the building.

Building Damage After Fire

These photos show the true two damages when a building catches fire. There is the initial damage from the fire, and there is the water damage that comes afterward. Luckily, our teams at SERVPRO® can clean and restore both types of damage.


Mold is not just an issue for damp residential basements. Mold can appear in any spot that isn’t dry or well ventilated. This means residential buildings aren’t the only ones at risk. Commercial buildings are just as likely to experience it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that commercial buildings/businesses that end up with mold are poorly maintained. It takes something as simple as a big storm or excess humidity to cause this issue.

SERVPRO® teams are specially trained on how to handle mold and are not at all afraid of a challenge.

When Vehicles & Buildings Collide

The last thing anyone expects is for a four-wheeled machine to come bursting through the front of your home or business. Even if there’s nobody inside the building, it can be one of the most dangerous situations. The picture here is of the damage from that exact situation that occurred at a post office. The front of the building all but collapsed and they called in our SERVPRO® Heroes to clean and restore the damage. When something as important as mail is involved, it is important to get the job done as soon as possible, and they called us just in time!

Pekin Library Cleanup

Recently in local news, it’s been known that the Pekin Library has finally opened its doors again. The library was shut down after a storm at the end of last year caused a flood and sewage backup that affected most of the building (an example of the damage is shown in the attached photo). Our teams were called in for the cleanup and after a couple of months not only cleaning the building but also taking care of the books inside it, the doors reopened and business is as usual!

For a good comparison, please go check out our before and after section. The difference will amaze you!

Commercial Cleaning at Kouri's Pub

At the end of 2018, we were called to take care of Kouri’s Pub in Pekin Illinois. The ceiling was in desperate need of deep cleaning and we were more than happy to come out and help (especially since our contents crew had a chance to work in a toasty warm area during the cold winter months).

For a fun look at the dramatic change from beginning to end, go check out our before and after picture section.

Rental Unit Living Room Restoration In Pekin

When you deal with some renters, sometimes things get messy & disgusting.

SERVPRO has the tools and technicians to clean up after your nightmare renters vacate your property leaving behind an absolute disaster!

Hotel Damage 3 North Central Tazewell County

This hotel was flooded by an enormous water main burst. 

The owner was so thankful when we showed up with our professional equipment to fix this hotel water damage in North Central Tazewell County as well as extremely satisfied with the results. 

Hotel Damage 2 North Central Tazewell County

This hotel was flooded by a huge water main burst. 

The owner was so thankful when we showed up with our professional equipment to fix this hotel water damage in North Central Tazewell County as well as extremely satisfied with the results. 

Cleaning Services In North Central Tazewell County

We are set up with all of the proper state of the art technical equipment to handle any size fire, water, or mold project or damage you might be experiencing.

CE Classes

We had a full house for our September CE Classes!

We held a Ethics and a Commercial Lines - Advanced Underwriting for Insurance Agents!

Huge thank you to our awesome instructor Todd David with the Davis Insurance Agency, everyone always enjoys his classes!

Go Dragons

Helping out local commercial businesses.

Giving the big Pekin Dragon a bath before football season starts!

Our Project Managers Dave Schimmelpfennig and Eric Henson are proud to be alumni of Pekin High School! Eric is the President of Pekin Dragon JFL this year.

We love to support our local schools!